The Power of Cold Calling

In today’s digitally-driven communication environments the art of conversation has shifted focus to email, text, and other digital forms. Sales professionals must be master communicators to navigate the complex highway of communication channels. Where one prospect prefers email correspondence another would rather get a text. When it comes to prospecting and finding new clients, the various communication channels can muddy the waters.

As lead generation efforts shift to social channels it’s important for sales professionals not to lose sight of the value and impact that cold calling has on sales growth. Typical inside sales reps have 6.6 conversations per day. While cold calling is hard work, it is still a great way to start building a sales funnel and should be part of any lead generation strategy.

A general search for cold calling statistics will yield some unfavorable stats, but what I have experienced in my sales career is that for cold calling to work, you have to be creative and think outside of the box. Your lead lists, sources, and research efforts will need to zone in on the most profitable companies and people. Spending hours calling the wrong leads won’t lead to high conversions. It won’t matter how good your scripts are if they are not being heard by the right people.

Here are a few tips to help re-ignite your interest in the benefits of cold calling:

It’s a Numbers Game

Cold call conversions run about 1% so if you make 100 calls you should convert 1 deal. Depending on what you are selling this can have a large pay off if your products and service have a high-profit margin. But to play this game you must be sure you’re spending your efforts calling the most profitable prospects. Make sure your lists and efforts focus on highly qualified segments.

Think Outside of the Box

If you want cold calling to work, you have to think outside of the box. Getting through gatekeepers can be challenging. Bridge the gap by using online resources to source your data to allow you to get to the key players faster. I closed a large client through a cold call when I noticed a pattern in the companies phone extensions. This insight got me to the right person and I closed a very large deal by going outside of traditional call channels.

Track Your Efforts

There is plenty of technology on the market to help you manage your cold calls and track your efforts. This is vital to improve outcomes to ensure your working efforts effectively. If you’re not tracking the data, you won’t know what you’re doing and how to modify your cold call strategy. 

Finding the right leads can be difficult. It is important to have an effective mix of lead generation methods to ensure optimal outcomes. If your not doing cold calling give it a try, you might just be surprised at how well it will turn out.

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