Selling Certainty to Your Clients

Selling Certainty 

The word “certainty” is a powerful word that reflects both knowledge and empowerment. When a person is 100% knowledgeable on a topic or decision they are making, they have confidence and this empowers them to action. Doubt is one of the main reasons that consumers and businesses hesitate to make decisions and take action. So how do you overcome doubt in the sales process?

Sell Certainty to Your Clients

When you take away doubt from a prospect’s mind it opens them to start taking action and the job of any sales professional is to sell certainty. So how do you sell certainty? Here are my top tips for removing doubt from a prospect’s mind to help move them into making a buying decision.

Ask Effective Questions

If you want to remove doubt, you will need to ask effective questions to understand the problems the client is facing. Asking the wrong questions means that you won’t have the right details to help your client resolve their problems. You may provide solutions that won’t get to the core of what they are trying to accomplish and they will not feel confident. To sell certainty you must ask the right questions at the right time to get a 360-degree look at the challenges they are facing.


Sales professionals are great at talking and sharing information about their products and service but sometimes too much talking and not enough listening can create uncertainty. When meeting with clients, after asking effective questions, be sure to listen. Don’t just listen for the answers you want to hear, listen for the signs of doubt and uncertainty about your products and services. These are the details that will help you overcome any obstacles in the sales process because you can resolve those issues during the sales presentation.

Check for Clarity and Understanding Often

I have seen deals get lost simply because the sales professional wasn’t checking for clarity during a sales presentation. As you present solutions, you must always be checking to make sure your prospect is understanding and doesn’t have any questions along the way. The more questions that go unanswered, the bigger the air of doubt will be. So be sure you’re always checking in to see if they have questions or concerns during the entire sales process and work to resolve those as they arise.

Use Social Proof to Your Advantage

It’s important to make sure that you share the social proof that your products and services do what you say they will do. Using client testimonials and other statistical data can help you remove doubt during the sales process.

To sell certainty, you must knock down any FEAR (False Expectation Appearing Real). When you ask the right questions, listen effectively, check for understanding, and use social proof to your advantage you will see your sales increase because your selling certainty to your clients.The definition of the word name is: a word or phrase that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person or thing. Your name is your brand. When you hear a brand name, it triggers pictures and emotions and when people hear your name you want it to trigger the right pictures and emotions to help you grow your personal brand.

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