Craft the Perfect Pitch

Your goal as a sales professional is to get attention and this should be your main intention when you are out in the world looking for prospects. Your day is filled with numerous organic opportunities to expose your brand and services to others. One of the most valuable revelations I have made during my career was that I must market myself. I needed to be ready to present who I am and how I can benefit others to solve their problems.

You should be marketing you, your brand, your company, your products, and your services, 24/7 on-demand to anyone you meet. You must learn the right word tracks to gain attention and drive action from each organic opportunity. Remember this…words trigger pictures, which trigger emotions, which leads to action steps. This will ultimately result in more sales.

One of my pet peeves in the game of sales, entrepreneurship, and life is that people don’t take advantage of the organic money opportunities that are right in front of them. This is becoming even more difficult as people are getting lost in digital channels forgetting to acknowledge the value of the organic in-person interactions they are encountering every day.

While digital environments are important to the sales process, real, live, in-person social environments are right in front of you every day. You literally cross paths with 100s of people each day that are within a 10-foot radius of you, that need to know who you are and what solutions you provide to the world.

You need to be ready with the right power pitch. I am always ready to present myself and products so that I can get attention and create new revenue relationships. If you want to make million-dollar moves you will have to start with those opportunities that are standing right next to you.

So how do you craft the perfect power pitch?

You must understand what it is that your products and services can do for someone and how they will improve their lives or business.

Most people make the mistake of introducing themselves with the business that they work for and the title on their business card. This is a poor response to the question of, “What do you do.” When someone asks you, “what you do,” you should be ready to articulately deliver the solutions that your products and services provide and how you can ultimately help them make more money or improve their lifestyle.

Confused? Sure you are because we have all been groomed to identify ourselves by our title and the company that we work for.

The perfect power pitch should immediately grab someone’s attention and clearly deliver the solutions you provide to make a difference in their life or business. If delivered correctly, you will instantly pique someone’s interest so that they want what you have, versus you having to convince them that you have what they need.

The Perfect Power Pitch Will Help You….

1. Connect instantly with a potential prospect.

2. Convey your marketing message with clarity.

3. Convert organic opportunities into revenue relationships.

If you want to take your life and your business to the next level you must master the art of the introduction, properly leverage your name, and perfect your power pitch. This will result in you gaining immediate attention and create new organic opportunities that help you increase your sales.

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