5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Sales

Looking for the right career path can be daunting. Whether you are just out of college or changing things up mid-life, starting a new career in sales could be just what you need to change your income potential.

As I migrated through my career, I learned exceedingly early in life that the key to having control over my own revenue potential was to work in sales. Making money is the direct result of success, not the other way around and sales jobs are some of the highest paid professions in the world.

Many of today’s top business tycoons, millionaires, and billionaires started in a sales position or created a product or service that they ultimately had to learn how to sell. In sales we have to master the art of persuasion in a way that drives action. Sales is not a profession of dollars earned for time spent, rather you become a pseudo partner for the company and product because you are driving the most important factor in a successful business – sales volume.

With the right sales vehicle your potential has no ceiling on what you can earn when your income is structured from a commission-based model. When I realized this, I became a disciple of sales and was never out of work. This was a life changing revelation for me.

So why should you consider a career in sales? If income potential isn’t enough of a reason here are my top 5 reasons why you should start a career in sales.

Higher Earning Potential
Commission based income structures can be a bit scary, but with risk comes rewards. If you are a highly motivated and driven individual, sales jobs can be very lucrative and lead to six figure incomes with the right company, commission structure, and bonus plan. The more you produce the more you will earn.

Schedule Flexibility
Many sales positions have flexible schedules that allow you to be in control your daily schedule giving you more freedom and comfort with your schedule.

You are in Control of Your Success
Regardless of the products or services you sell, if your good at inspiring, motivating, and persuading people to take action you will find a career in sales very rewarding. You will be in control of your success versus simply exchanging your time for a fixed pay rate per hour worked where the only way to advance is to work more hours.

Job Opportunity
Do a quick search on any job search site for sales and you will see page after page of sales jobs. Sales professionals play a critical role for businesses and many positions don’t require degrees.

Daily Variety
Careers in sales offers variety in your day because every sales opportunity is different. While you may be selling the same products and services, each potential customer or client offers a unique challenge to overcome to satisfy there needs. This can lead to a more enjoyable day filled with meeting new people and new problems to solve.

Regardless of where you are today, if your looking for an exciting career change consider the benefits of a career in sales.